The Living Proof SmartTM methodology elevates & enhances your core salon skills beyond anything you've ever experienced. Discover the science behind our products and how biotechnology will impact your approach to beautiful hair... every day.

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Core Cutting

Axis Cutting

This technique may be used as a foundation or creative option on ALL hair types. Apply anywhere on the head by using compacted layering techniques with a variety of hand positions, tensions, and actions to create almost any shape you can imagine, frame the face, create movement & texture and blend layers.

Air Crafting

This technique creates movement and layers that enhance and transform natural textures for light-as-air hair. Used on both wet or dry hair, these soft layering and texturizing techniques create impressionistic lines while blending using a blunt or landing technique for texture and shape, to remove length and create waves that move.


This technique is used to remove weight and balance proportions. It works from the inside out to enhance natural texture, balance layers, and create space & friction.


An artistic razor technique that helps carve and sculpt hair while enhancing natural textures. This freestyle approach to cutting allows the stylist to blend, create shape & texture, and effortlessly adjust the length while supporting the integrity of the hair.

Core Styling

Blow Drying

Curling Iron

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