Woman Crush: Sarah Flint, Shoe Designer


We were first introduced to Sarah through one of her biggest fans, her father, who also happens to be one of Living Proof’s co-founders. It was love at first sight and we’ve been coveting her shoes ever since (and we’re not alone—other devotees include Blake Lively, Amal Clooney, and Alexa Chung, to name a few). We love that she draws inspiration for her designs not only from old Hollywood starlets and her time spent with her grandmother in Paris, but also from her customers. You can see Sarah’s passion in the quality and attention to detail that go into each and every pair of shoes she creates.

Name + occupation: Sarah Flint, shoe designer

What inspires you? The starlets of Old Hollywood are probably my biggest inspiration. They never wore heels over 70mm and always looked effortlessly sexy and chic. I think that’s something all women desire.

How long have you been designing shoes? I’ve known I wanted to be a shoe designer as long as I can remember. I had a pair of shiny, patent leather tap shoes that I wore everywhere as a child. My mother didn’t love them, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything else.

Tell us about your design process. I start by sketching and twisting pieces of leather, and drawing freely when I’m feeling inspired by what I see. Then I use the computer to turn the sketches into more technical drawings so I can really see how the pattern will need to be laid out to perfectly frame the foot. I work with the factory to make prototypes which I try on myself and tweak for fit and design.

Favorite part of running your own label? Least favorite? I love seeing customers wear my shoes in everyday life. Seeing a woman feel confident and beautiful in my designs is the best inspiration. While it definitely can be a challenge to be an emerging brand in the design world, I’ve learned to stick with my own point of view. Women are responding to what we have to say, and it keeps me moving forward!


What has been your biggest pinch me moment so far? The first time that I walked into Barneys in New York and saw my shoes on the sales floor. I had worked so hard for that moment and it was absolutely incredible to see it come to life.

What’s next? We’re really focusing on the US market and reaching new regions. It’s exciting to see my shoes reach new women!

Heels or flats? Flats!


Here at Living Proof, we have all certainly benefited from your dad’s wisdom. What’s the best advice he’s ever given you? Know what you are good at and what you need help with. The areas you need help with surround yourself with the best of the best!

Three things you’re most passionate about: Shoes, travel and food!

Best habit: Napping.

Worst habit: Late-night chocolate binges!

First thing you do when you wake up: Hit snooze!

What’s your typical beauty routine? For hair, I try to only style it with heat a few days a week so it doesn’t get too dry. I use the Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment if it ever has to be more frequent. For beauty, the main thing is that I try to get enough sleep. I don’t wear much makeup unless it is for an event. Mascara, blush, concealer when needed.

How often do you wash your hair? Usually 4 days a week.


Favorite Living Proof products: Perfect hair Day shampoo and conditioner. Restore Mask.

Biggest hair regret: Bangs.

One thing you would never do to your hair: Bleach it.

How long have you been going to your stylist? Four years.

Who is your role model? My grandmother. She is an artist who lived in Paris when I was a child and she instilled a love of art and design in me at a young age. We would walk together past all of the couture shops in Paris and admire all of the beautiful things for sale.

 What about your Woman Crush? Name yours. Cate Blanchett.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Take advice, but don’t lose yourself in too many opinions. If you really believe in something, stick with it!

How do you act confident (even when you don’t feel confident)? With the power of positive energy!

Most life-changing innovation: Spanx.

Favorite inventor/gamechanger: JK Rowling.

What do you wish someone would invent next? Teleportation!

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