Your Hair Needs MORE Than Moisture


If you think your hair wants moisture, we are here to tell you that you’ve got it all wrong. Hear us out: you’ve been brainwashed. So many products out there claim to quench, hydrate, and MOISTURIZE your strands. But moisture is a total misnomer. It’s a nice marketing story but the science behind it is scant.

In a 2009 study presented at the International Hair Science Symposium, consumers were asked to rank hair tresses stored at 15% relative humidity (roughly the humidity of your living room on a winter’s day) and tresses at 85% relative humidity (akin to how it feels on summer day in the northeast). If that sounds abstract, just know that the 85% RH tresses had 4x the moisture content of the 15% RH tresses; they were a heck of a lot more “moisturized.” The results were pretty surprising: 75% of respondents said the tresses with MORE moisture felt drier, more tangled, and more damaged. The Living Proof scientists, along with a group of expert stylists, investigated this even further and found corroborating evidence plus new insights for creating more visibly healthy hair.

So here’s the thing: you don’t want moisture in your hair. It swells the cuticle (hello, frizz!). Water’s also a heck of a lot heavier than your hair, so all that moisture will actually weigh your hair down. Even scarier: higher moisture can actually lead to more breakage (which is why your stylist warns you to be SO CAREFUL when combing your wet hair).

What you really want is hair that’s strong, soft, smooth, and easy to style. Forget about moisture and all that bogus marketing. Here are a few short- and long term ways to get the hair you crave.

Never skip conditioner. Shampoo alone is no good. Even better? A weekly deep conditioning mask.

Don’t wash your hair every day. Make dry shampoo your best friend. Around this office, we’ve gone over a week (even with workouts).

Use heat protection when styling. You wouldn’t put your hand on a flat iron, would you? So why fry your hair without protection?

Use UV protection in the sun. You don’t go outside without sunscreen (and if you do, well, shame on you). Your hair needs extra reinforcement, too.

Find a leave-in you love. If your hair feels dry, you have a lot of options. Our new Restore Perfecting Spray is a go-to for anyone with hair. You can also use an overnight product that’s powerful but lightweight enough that you don’t need to wash it out. Or you could use a leave-in to help block frizz, control curls, or seal split ends.

Be smarter about shampoo and conditioner. Our care products actually care for your hair. Typically, about 30% of consumers would say their hair is very healthy. We did a long term user study and after 6 months of using our products, 80% of consumers said their hair has never looked better. Find your perfect product mix here.

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