This ONE Product Does Three Very Different Things

When it comes to your hairstyle, you want it all. (And who wouldn’t?) One day, you’re going for a sleek, smooth blowout. The next, deconstructed, not-too-perfect waves. Some mornings you just want to wake up, tame those pesky flyaways, and go. And you don’t want to have to buy a half dozen products to get those different looks. Hair chameleons, meet your match: T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler. It’s our most versatile styling product yet, and it’s pretty much foolproof.

What it is: A styling product that works on wet and dry hair to tame, blowout, or deconstruct your style.

How do I use it? It depends what look you’re going for. To tame, just dab a bit on your palms and smooth the product through your hair. For a smooth blowout, apply a bit to wet hair, comb through, and style with a flat brush. And to deconstruct your style, rake some through your hair to break up any preciousness (or Shirley Temple curls).

How it works: Our chemist Betsy claims the formula is pretty simple (sure) and the magic is in its versatility. It’s packed with an emollient blend that creates shape on dry hair and helps smooth and tame for manageability; clay for definition and grip; and jojoba esters for conditioning and smoothness. And the secret weapon? Our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA), which increases spreadability on both damp and dry hair. Now, spreadability may not be the sexiest sounding thing on the block, but it’s actually crucial to the performance and versatility on wet and dry hair.

Where can I get some? Right here.


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