THIS is the Secret to Blowing Out Your Hair Like a Pro

There’s a reason so many women have regular blowdry bar appointments—a really good blowout is actually really hard. For one, most of us just don’t have the skills—meaning the right tension, grip, and even tools—to do a halfway decent job. (There’s a reason your stylist has killer biceps.) And second, most of the styling products out there don’t make it any easier on you. There are lots of silicone- or oil-based options designed to give you a smooth style, but they don’t hold your brushwork so you end up with a sad, too-straight style. And while resin-based products can help with brush detailing, they have to reach a whopping 200 degrees (basically the boiling point of water) to be effective. Ouch.

There’s gotta be an easier (and healthier) way. And that’s where Blowout comes in.

What it is: Blowout is the faster, easier way to get a salon-worthy blowout yourself without the hangups or hassle. It helps mold, shape, and lock in your style so your hair looks polished from the moment you stop styling and actually stays that way. Plus it has heat protection up to 450 degrees.

How’s it different? Blowout uses a Thermal Speed Shaping Technology that only needs to reach a temperature of 100 degrees to shape your style. Less time spent under a super-hot dryer equals happier hair, right? And once it cools, your style is locked in place (so your brushwork isn’t going to fall flat by lunchtime).

How do I use it? Just watch this.

Where can I get some? Right here.


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