This is Hairspray Reinvented

Hairspray often gets a bad rap. If you’ve ever used a less-than-stellar one, you know why—visible flakes, sticky and matted strands, and a decidedly unsavory texture in your hair.

But hairspray has come a long way—at least it has in our labs. We’ve ditched the outdated technologies in favor of something more modern: more flexible hold, less dampness upon application (so your style doesn’t deflate or clump together), and the ability to actually run your fingers through your hair. We have two options to cover all your needs.

For everyday hold: you need Flex Hairspray. It’s formulated with our Flexible Web Technology to hold—not freeze—your hair in place. It’s totally brushable, layerable, and reworkable. And it has heat protection to up to 450 degrees, too, so it’s ideal to spray both before you whip out your curling iron and after, when you want to lock your style in place.

For when you need to bring in the big guns: you need Control Hairspray. But just because you want your hair to stay put doesn’t mean you want it shellacked into place. That’s where our Endura-Flex Technology comes in—it gives you all-day firm hold and shine without looking or feeling stiff. And flakes? Forget about ’em. Like Flex, Control has a dry application so it won’t deflate or dampen your style when you spray it on.

Where can I get some? Get Flex here and Control here.


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