The Styling Step You’re Missing (And It’s Costing You)

When you have a big event, it’s second nature to apply a makeup primer first. It helps your makeup go on smoother and last a lot longer (think: fewer smudges, less shine, and a longer-lasting face). We thought: what if we could apply the same principle to hair? So our scientists invented a first-of-its-kind product that creates an optimal base for your styling products, helps lock your style in place, and keeps your hair looking cleaner, longer. It’s called Prime Style Extender.

What it is: The first primer for hair, Prime extends your style up to 2x longer. Plus it keeps your hair cleaner, longer (meaning you don’t have to shampoo—and style—as often).

How do I use it? Apply a quarter-sized amount (or more, depending on your hair’s density and length) to clean, damp hair. Comb through then apply your styling products. While it looks like a cream, Prime is weightless so it won’t be too heavy on even the finest hair. Style as usual (and keep that style going up to 2x longer).

How it works: Prime is powered by our Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA). It forms a weightless shield around your hair strands to repel dirt and oil and protect hydrogen bonds (which are formed while styling).

Prove it: No problem. We dumped cornstarch on this woman’s head to show how the technology in Prime repels dirt and oil, meaning your hair is cleaner, longer (and your style looks better for longer, too). Which side would you rather have?

Where can I get some? Right here.


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