The Product Every Manufacturer Said No to Producing: Meet Body Builder

Our first customizable styling product Perfect hair Day (PhD) Body Builder, just hit—but not without some serious trial and error. It took our scientists and packaging team five years of research and development, creating over 75 “failed” formulas before finalizing the newest addition to the PhD collection. After all that, we had to rearrange an entire assembly line just to get this thing produced. So, was it worth the wait? Well we certainly think so.

What exactly is PhD Body Builder?

This body building hairspray is all about creating body the way you want it. Each bottle has an adjustable nozzle, so you decide the amount of body you want in your hair, making it totally customizable and unique to you. And while other styling sprays leave your locks feeling too gritty, this one is so light to the touch, it feels like it was never there. As our test salon manager Maria said, “Body Builder is the hairspray for girls who don’t really like to use hairspray.”

Why we built it:

You can customize your foundation shade or level of coverage. But when it comes to your hair, there’s no customized experience for every time you style your hair. So why are we settling for one-size-fits-all styling solutions?

So how’d we solve the problem?

Barbara and Ron, the geniuses behind our packaging and product development teams, have spent the last half-decade talking about making a customizable styling product. They couldn’t find a packaging innovation to make that a reality, so we did what we often do: looked outside the beauty industry for inspiration in some unusual places. After researching of hundreds of potentials, Barbara found a valve that had been previously used in the adhesives industry (yes, glue). The team perfected the science-y stuff, like precise particle flow rates and flexible to firm polymer blend ratios, making sure the hairspray would provide desirable body while maintaining touchable movement, airiness and shine.

But every manufacturer said “no way”

There was still one more challenge: getting it made in bulk. With packaging this innovative, most manufacturers weren’t equipped to take PhD Body Builder on, and every company Barbara met with said no. She finally convinced one factory in Fall River, MA to completely rearrange their assembly line process (and add more members to the team on the line) just to get this product on the shelf. Here’s the result.

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