Meet the Customizable Hair Styler That’s Changing the Game

Photo by @saratoufali

You can customize your foundation shade or level of coverage. But when it comes to your hair, there’s no customized experience for every time you style your hair. We’re changing all of that.

Meet Perfect hair Day™ (PhD) Body Builder. It’s a breakthrough body building hairspray with a customizable nozzle that lets you create instant, buildable body and light hold. Just turn the nozzle to more (to M) or less (to L) or anywhere in-between to customize exactly how much body you’re adding to your style. You apply it to dry hair, and it also has heat protection up to 450°.

The inspiration

This is one of those products that make you think, “how does this not exist already?” But it’s a lot harder than it looks.  Our scientists and packaging engineers spent FIVE YEARS trying to create the right customizable styling product. When they couldn’t find a solution within the beauty industry, they went rogue and found a packaging solution in an unlikely place… the adhesive industry. Yep, glue.

They had a whole lot of other challenges along the way. You can read about them here.

So, How Does It Work?

We formulated PhD Body Builder with the perfect blend of flexible and firm polymers. This, along with the valve and nozzle, is what allows you to customize exactly how much product you’re getting—even down to the size of the spray particles coming out. When set on the more (M) setting, the spray rate is 25% more than when it’s on the less (L) setting and delivers a 46% bigger particle size. You can turn the nozzle from more to less or anywhere in between.

Now, while this body building hairspray helps provide a custom amount of body to your hair, what makes it even greater is that it provides a light hold without leaving your hair with that sticky texture that most sprays do. This is thanks to an emollient blend that adds shine and anti-static agents that improve your hair’s manageability and brushability.

Who Would Use It?

The beauty of PhD Body Builder is that it’s the perfect product for anyone, no matter their hair type. Because of its customizable integrity, PhD Body Builder is the type of hairspray that works just as well on someone with smooth, straight hair as it would on someone with thick curls. Basically, anyone looking to liven up their hair with just the right amount of airiness movement and bounce can benefit from this product.

What people are saying about it

“I love that I can chose between less or more body depending upon the style I want. No heaviness or weighing down my hair.” – customer review

Everyone loves Living Proof’s Dry Shampoo — but this new launch might be better… it blasts lank, lackluster strands with weightless body that won’t turn your hair into an immovable chunk of concrete. (Just curious, has this happened to anyone else?)

Of course, all this is absolutely wonderful, but what will truly separate PhD Body Builder from virtually every other hairspray on the market is its interesting touch of innovation—a customizable nozzle which essentially allows you to choose how much hold you want.” – Byrdie

Want to try PhD Body Builder out for yourself? It’s available online and in-store. Share what you think with us by tagging @livingproofinc and #yourbesthair.