Hair Myths You Need to STOP Believing

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There’s lots of conflicting info out there on how to care for your hair—and even worse, the “rules” seem to change all the time. (Don’t wash your hair! Actually don’t OD on dry shampoo! Brush! Don’t brush!) With so much contradicting information, it’s hard to separate the filth. We went straight to our team of stylists and scientists to get it straight.

Your hair can get used to a shampoo, so switch yours up: FALSE. To be blunt, hair is dead. That means it can’t adapt to anything. If you feel like a product isn’t working as well as it did when you first started using it, the problem could be the build up of silicones. Purchase a good, clarifying shampoo to start with a clean slate, or better yet, switch to a silicone-free formula. All of ours fit the bill and not only do they not build up on hair, they contain an ingredient called OFPMA that helps keep your hair cleaner, longer. Translation: these are shampoos that let you shampoo less often.

Lather, rinse, repeat: FALSE. Unless you just ran a Color Run, skip the double washing. Shampooing the hair too often causes unnecessary breakage and scalp irritation. Pro tip: Always look for sulfate-free, gentle shampoo and stick to silicone-free products to ensure a deep clean and minimal build up with the least amount of damage and irritation.

Oily hair? You don’t need conditioner: FALSE. PSA: do not skip conditioner, no matter how fine or oil-prone your hair is. In fact, fine hair is even more prone to damage from tangles. Our Full Conditioner is a good bet—it adds weightless conditioning and effortless slip to help you get through those knots.

Rinsing with cold water “closes the cuticle” and makes your hair shinier: TRUE…sorta. This one is a little tricky. There is no such thing as “closing” the cuticle, but rinsing with cold water will leave the hair feeling smoother and looking shinier. Super hot water, on the other hand, causes the cuticle to lift. A lifted cuticle results in rapid hair color loss, frizzy styles, and dull looking hair.

Photo courtesy of Ready Set Glamour, a blogger we love. Read her reviews of our products here and here.