Day in the Life: Aly Raisman, World Champion Gymnast

RBKBrand_Aly_Raisman_30x20_AlySelects_002A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of sitting down with gymnast Aly Raisman (you can read the full interview here). If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what a world-class gymnast does when she’s not at the gym. Here, she walks us through a day in her life.

7:00 a.m.: Aly wakes up to the alarm she set on her phone. She’s not a snooze person (unlike us), so she gets up right away. She then goes downstairs to eat breakfast (either cereal and milk, Greek yogurt with cereal and fruit, or an egg). Then she brushes her teeth and gets ready for the day.

7:40: Drives herself to the gym.

8:30-12:30 p.m.: Practice time and the workout is the same every day. She’s been practicing the same routine for almost a year and a half, so she knows what to expect. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s any easier!

12:30: Drives home for lunch. A typical lunch includes some kind of protein (chicken or fish), brown rice and fruit.

After lunch: Aly uses her downtime to play with her Maltese pups, 7-month-old Gibson and 12-year-old Magic. Then she takes a much-needed nap.


3:00: Snack (granola + yogurt, fruit) to fuel up for her evening workout.

4:00: Heads back to the gym (it’s about a 45 min drive) for her evening workout.

5:00- 7:30: Evening workout.


8:00: Dinner at home is typically pretty similar to what she had at lunch, but sometimes she has sushi (her favorite food).

8:30: Time to get ready for bed. Aly showers first to wash away the stress and sweat of the day. Afterward, she applies Night Cap and her favorite skincare products. Then she unwinds watching Netflix or some TV for a little. Most nights, Aly falls asleep right when her head hits the pillow so she can be well rested for another day.

Photos courtesy of our friends at Reebok, another Boston brand rooting for Aly. Get Aly’s playlist over on their website.

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