6 Tips for Painless Holiday Travel


The holidays are quickly approaching, and for many of us, this means traveling far and wide to see loved ones. The weather outside may be frightful…but the airport lines are even worse. Not to be all bah-humbug on you, but holiday travel can be a particular kind of torture. These tips can help keep your spirits high.

Think small. That means TSA-approved liquids. Pro tip: stores like Sephora sell trial kits made up of travel sizes at special prices (ours included), so no need to downgrade your products. Definitely check out their skincare and hair options. Most of your makeup is probably already TSA-friendly, but you can always trade in your VIB points for petite versions of favorite products.

Even better, have a travel kit (always) ready. This includes hair and skin products, makeup, first aid necessities, and electronics chargers (this is a great option for wrangling cords). As soon as you get back from a trip, take inventory of your kit and restock as needed. That way, you can just pop the kits into your suitcase the next time you travel without having to think about it.

Keep calm and carry on. Do everything within your power not to check your bag. Ship gifts ahead of time. Wear your heaviest layers. Stick to a uniform to cut down on clothing options. Anything to avoid the baggage carousel come December.

Pack a snack. Because a case of the hangries is real, and it’s ugly.

Plan for the worst. If there are lots of you staying at one home for the holiday, shower time may be limited. If you can only squeeze in a quick body shower, have no fear, Dry Shampoo to the rescue. Just shake, spray, wait 30 seconds and then massage out the powders. Want to add some extra drama? Add some Dry Volume Blast for big, voluminous hair. Add a sparkly hair clip and you’re holiday ready.

Come with an escape plan. We all know that spending time with family isn’t always easy, so plan to spend some time on your own, whether it’s reading a book (we just finished this one), going for a solo walk, or volunteering to run errands.

Above photo thanks to Haute off the Rack, a blogger we love. Read about her Living Proof experience here.


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