6 Shortcuts That Save Time and Make Your Shower WAY Better


Some days it feels like we barely have time to shower at all. We know so many of you are short on time too—that’s why we’ve created so many time-saving products (Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo = clean hair without water, Full Dry Volume Blast = instant volume and texture). Our latest innovation lets you start your style while you shower—with pretty much no work on your part. Here are a few more ways to multitask in the shower.

Start styling your hair. Perfect hair Day In-Shower Styler is designed for women with straight to slightly wavy hair who want to save time and achieve a beautiful, air-dried style. The best part? This product does most of the work for you. Simply apply the product in your shower after shampooing and conditioning, and lightly rinse. Pro tip: make sure you can still feel some product on your hair. Afterwards, lightly towel dry and then scrunch, braid or bun your hair to enhance your natural wave.

Get your spa on. If you have time for a relaxing spa weekend, kudos. The rest of us will have to settle for this hack. Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil (think: eucalyptus, lavender) on the walls of your shower before you get in the shower for a zen-like 10 minutes.

Sip away. Bring in your morning coffee. Refreshing shower + caffeine boost = a winning occasion. If you shower at night, then heck—make it wine! Just please opt for a non-breakable cup.

Brush up. This is decidedly not spa like, but it does save time. While you’re waiting for your conditioner (or your Restore Mask) to work its magic, make your dentist proud.

Release those wrinkles. In your clothes, that is. If you don’t have enough time to iron (or just plain hate doing it), hang your rumpled clothes in the bathroom, close the door, and turn on the shower. The steam will help loosen those wrinkles. Sure, it won’t be as crisp as if you used an iron…but it takes zero effort.

Treat your skin in-shower: There are plenty of body moisturizers and even a self-tanner with formulas that are activated in the shower. Multitasking at its finest.


Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo

Full Dry Volume Blast

Perfect hair Day In-Shower Styler

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