5 Instant Confidence Boosters Backed by Science


There’s plenty of advice on ways to up your confidence but we’re not big on empty promises—just give us the stuff that works. So we sourced five scientifically-proven ways to boost your self-esteem fast. Need a little pick me up? These researchers have you covered.

Dress the part

When your clothing exudes power, you feel more confident. Whether that’s rocking a full business suit or throwing on your favorite dress, small changes in the way you dress can affect how you think. Wearing more formal clothing helps you think like a leader according to a study by California State University researchers. So ditch the yoga pants the next time you want to feel powerful.

Work up a sweat, especially outdoors

Releasing some powerful endorphins always makes us feel happier and more confident, but did you know that doing it outside can be even more beneficial? According to this study, exercising in a pleasant outdoor environment, rural or urban, does more for your self esteem than exercising inside. So if the weather is nice enough, lace up and get outside!

Pump up the volume on your girl power playlist

Spotify addict? You’re in luck. Science shows that listening music can make you feel more confident. Think about athletes who put on a song to pump themselves up before a game. What’s really interesting is that according to a study in Social Psychological and Personality Science, pumping up the bass  in your favorite song has more of an affect on confidence than the song’s lyrics.

Spray on your favorite scent

We all know that scent is the sense most tied to memory, but did you know that it affects your confidence as well? According to this study, 90% of women studied felt more confident when wearing perfume than going fragrance free.

Stand up and give your best Superwoman pose

It may seem silly, but it really works. Striking a power pose helps reduce cortisol (aka the stress hormone) and boosts testosterone and self-confidence.

Want more confidence boosting tips? Pin the infographic below for 10 of our favorite ways to instantly up yours.