2 Products That Will Change How You Style Short Hair

Rachel styled her hair with Molding Clay and just the heat of her hands.

If you’re rocking a super-short style, chances are you’re sick of people saying how easy it must be to have cropped haircut. Unless you’re blessed with perfect hair, you have to do something to make it look that good—short or not. And a lot of the styling products out there just aren’t much help—they either shellac your style in place, or they require you to style with heat or on dry hair. And isn’t the point of a short style often just that—to be less of a slave to your blowdryer?

Our scientists are reinventing how you create (and change up) shape on short hair, so you can style easier, better, and all-around smarter.

For airy volume and texture: choose Amp Texture Volumizer. Forget the hot rollers or curling iron and get something with instant gratification. Amp major volume, touchable texture, and flexible hold on shorter haircuts. To activate, just rub a small dab evenly between your palms until the product is transparent, then work it into dry hair (avoiding direct application to your scalp).

For sculpted styles: go with Molding Clay. It’s formulated with a temperature-sensitive polymer blend to help you shape your style on both damp and dry hair. It stays malleable and revivable (so you can change up your look after work without any heat tools), too. And it holds up on even the hottest of days—whatever look you create isn’t going to quit on you.

Here’s Molding Clay in action, and Rachel changed up her look using just the heat of her hands (no tools required).

Where can I get some? Buy Amp here and Molding Clay here.


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